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Bornholm - beaches, cliffs and nature

Around the island, you will find picturesque beaches, beautiful bays, a multitude of gorges and rift valleys and steep and rocky cliffs. The rock formations are particularly impressive: Jons Kapel on the west coast of Bornholm, Hammerknuden and the unique Helligdomsklipperne on the north coast of Bornholm, near Gudhjem.

The sandy beaches with fine white sand are located on the east and south of Bornholm and run flat out to the crystal-clear sea. And the fresh sea breeze invites you to enjoy an active beach holiday - swimming, snorkeling, diving, sailing, surfing/kitesurfing. These are just some of the many possibilities for an active and relaxing holiday on Bornholm.

Inland from Bornholm, in the Almindingen forest, you will see beautiful red beech, oak and pine trees, heathland, lakes and peat bogs. This former area of heath and pasture is now one of the largest and most beautiful forests in Denmark.

Bornholm is crossed by many well-developed and signposted hiking trails. More than 200 kilometers of cycle paths lead through the beautiful landscape and invite you to a cycling holiday on Bornholm.

Holiday on Bornholm

Holiday home on Bornholm

In Scandinavia, a holiday home holiday is a classic. There are few large hotels on Bornholm. However, all over the island, you will find many modern holiday homes, some in typical Danish style.

In various places, such as Dueodde, we can enjoy the advantages of a modern hotel. But if you prefer to be closer to the beautiful nature, you can stay at one of the many campsites on Bornholm and enjoy your holiday. Bornholm shows us the most beautiful side of Scandinavia and offers its visitors rest, peace and relaxation, but also sports and adventure for young and old.

Coming to Bornholm

You can get to the island by ferry or by plane. Although there are ferry connections from Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Poland, you can only travel by plane from Copenhagen.

Small fishing villages on Bornholm

There are small and cosy fishing villages all around the island. Usually, there are a few historic half-timbered houses around the small harbor. Painted in bright colors and with beautifully designed windows. In summer, the small gardens, which are located behind the wall at almost every house, bloom in the most beautiful colors. In addition to the many flowers, there are also fig trees, which love Bornholm's mild climate.

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