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The town of Allinge on Bornholm

Allinge is a very picturesque town at the northern end of the island of Bornholm, south of Sandvig. Both places have their own harbours. It was in Allinge and Sandvig that tourism on Bornholm was born. At the end of the 19th century, tourists started coming to Bornholm, and their main destination was the northern part of the island - Allinge and Sandvig. The increased tourist traffic led to the establishment of many hotels, guesthouses and campsites in these towns, as well as a whole network of restaurants and cafés.
In addition to the harbour, popular attractions in Allinge are the smokehouses with their characteristic chimneys and the striking yellow-painted church. Allinge harbour The centre of Allinge is located in the harbour. Today, the harbour only protects sports boats and sailboats from bad weather and storms. Until a few years ago, ferries to Christiansø and Simrishamn in southern Sweden departed from here. Today, day trips to Christiansø can only be made from Gudhjem. In Allinge harbour there are several small restaurants where you can have lunch and observe harbour life.
There is a supermarket close to the harbour.

The town of Allinge on Bornholm

What to see in Allinge

Allinge Kirke - Allinge Kirke - In the centre of the small harbour town of Allinge in the north of the Danish island of Bornholm is one of the most beautiful churches on the island. The church in Allinge is something special with its yellow walls. Of particular interest here are the plague plaques, listing the townspeople who died in the Middle Ages as a result of the plague. At the top of the church, a white cross gleams in the sun. Allinge Church is the parish church for Allinge and Sandvig.
The church in Allinge was first mentioned as 'Alende Capell' in 1569. The church originally consisted of a late Gothic nave and was built around 1500. Over the years, however, the church was rebuilt several times and changed its appearance. Already in the Middle Ages, the body of the church was extended towards the west. During the Renaissance, the west tower was added. At the end of the 19th century (1892), Mathias Bidstrup initiated a massive rebuilding including an extension. Unfortunately, the entire eastern part of the church, the former chapel, was removed.
On entering the church, the altar is immediately striking. The altar table dates from 1892. The gold altar table is richly decorated. The church has rich church silver: candlesticks, wafer plates, chalices. Above the altar is a richly designed chandelier, which probably comes from Hammershus Castle in 1650.

Church in Allinge, Bornholm

Alinge Røgeri - Allinge can advertise its fish specialities with two smokehouses. To the north of the harbour, the yellow chimney of Allinge Røgeri can already be seen from a distance. There you can sit in the restaurant or on the terrace - a particular advertising ploy is the golden sand on which the tables and chairs are set. It's like sitting on the beach and looking out over the romantic northern harbour. During the summer season, concerts are organised in the smokehouse.

Smokehouse in Allinge, Bornholm

Nordbornholms smokehouse - is located in Allinge, right on the cliff. The smokehouse has a long tradition dating back to 1898, and the little black Fiat 500 is the hallmark of this smokehouse. Here you can also eat smoked fish or just enjoy a coffee. At both smokehouses you can also buy smoked herring to take away.

Nordbolnholm Smokehouse in Allinge on Bornholm

Domen - is a building that has a very unusual shape - it looks like an opening sphere. Every year in mid-June, Folkemødet - a Danish folk and political gathering - takes place in and around Allinge. The centre of the week-long event, however, is Domen, a dome-like wooden building with typical Scandinavian modern design. Originally designed and built by Copenhagen architects Tejlgaard & Jepsen as a temporary meeting place for Folkemødet, it is also a popular photographic motif. The structure looks amazing against the sky and the blue of the sea. The wooden skeleton is built from Douglas fir wood and various recycled timbers. The dome is 212 m2 and 8 m high.

Domes Dome in Allinge, Bornholm

Colourful half-timbered houses, beautiful gardens

Allinge shows much of its historical splendour. The place consists mainly of colourful half-timbered houses. The old half-timbered houses date from the 18th and 19th centuries; a time when Allinge and Sandvig were known as fishing villages. The historic houses of fishermen and craftsmen are often surrounded by small rock gardens. In addition to the ubiquitous colourful mallows, many sheltered places also have fig trees that bear sweet fruit in late summer.

Half-timbered houses in Allinge, Bornholm

Attractions around Allinge

From Allinge, you can take wonderful excursions to the northern tip of Bornholm. The so-called "hammer trip" takes you to a granite plateau that rises up to 70 metres from sea level. On the way you pass the lighthouses Hammer Fyr and Hammerodde Fyr and the ruins of Salomons Kappel. Lake Hammersø, the ruins of Hammershus Castle and the Madsebakke rock carvings are also close by. These excursions can easily be done on foot.

Hammeren - Hammeren is the northernmost tip of Bornholm. The granite plateau rises more than 50 metres (max. 82 m) above sea level. Due to its picturesque location, it is one of the most interesting places on the island.

Hammerode Fyr - The Hammerodde Lighthouse was built in 1895 as an addition to the Hammerfyr Lighthouse. The lighthouse is 12 metres high and the light is only 21 metres above sea level. The building serves today as both a lighthouse and an observation post.

Salomons Kapel - Solomon's Chapel is a small chapel ruin dating back to 1300. The chapel was probably built in connection with the large herring markets that took place in many places on the Baltic coast, including here. At the markets, local fishermen sold herring to merchants from Lübeck.

Hammershus - They are the largest medieval castle ruins in Northern Europe and were built on an inaccessible rocky outcrop 70 metres above sea level.

Jons Kapel - "John's Chapel" is an interesting and beautiful cliff formation on the west coast of Bornholm, about 7 kilometres north of Hasle. The formations are the result of waves hitting the rock at a time when the sea level was much higher than today. The cliff is 22 metres high.


By bike: Rønne - Allinge cycle route

By bus: from Nexø, bus number 7; from Rønne, buses on lines 1, 2, 7

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One of the great things about Bornholm is the great variety of landscapes. Picturesque, majestic, steep granite cliffs in the north and fine sand beaches in the south, heathland, waterfalls, bearded garlic and anemones, coastal boulders and rocks.

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