Balka is picturesquely situated between Snogebæk and Nexø on the east coast of Bornholm. The village is mainly known for its beautiful beach. Due to its fine sand, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The picturesque bay is adjacent to Snogebæk beach.
The bay and the water near the beach are quite shallow, which makes it a friendly place for holidays with children and for people who want to try water sports such as kitesurfing, SUP, surfing and kayaking. In addition, the beach is protected by lifeguards in the high season. Just behind the dunes are beautiful holiday homes and a campsite, as well as numerous bars and restaurants.

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Balka beach for surfers

Balka's location makes the beach here unique - mostly sheltered from the wind, which is why surfers and kite surfers like to gather here. The beach in Balka is ideal for beginner kitesurfers, surfers. Thanks to the fact that the beach is located in a bay and the water are shallow far from the shore, Balka is ideal for learning water sports. GoBornholm's surf instructors teach everyone to surf here - whether they are children or adults.

Balka beach for surfers

Sometimes, however, we can find algae on the beach in Balka, which makes swimming difficult and have an unpleasant smell. In Balka you can also play miniature golf or go on a bike trip to visit the well-equipped campsite directly behind the beach. Many surfers visit Bornholm camp here, but families with children also find a place for themselves. Whether in a caravan, tent, rented bungalow, or holiday home, everyone will enjoy their holiday on the island.

Excursions around Balka

Beautiful cycling and walking routes lead from Balka, north to Nexø, and southwest to Dueodde.
The nearby fishing town of Nexø can be explored by bike. A walk through the many picturesque streets reveals the typical Bornholm atmosphere. Children will enjoy a visit to the butterfly park, and literature lovers can visit the Martin Andersen house, which is now a museum. The church is also worth a visit.
Directly south of Balka is the small fishing village of Snogebæk with its beautiful beach, smokehouse, and many small shops. Further south is Dueodde, with many typical Danish holiday homes and the most beautiful and widest beach on the island.

butterfly-park Bornholm

tovbanen on Bornholm
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