Boderne is a small fishing settlement on the southern coast of the Danish island of Bornholm. The place is known for its kilometer-long sandy beach. Even in high season, the beach does not seem to be overcrowded, as it is very long. To this day, this fishing village has not lost much of its charm. Rønne, the largest town on Bornholm, is only 20 kilometers from Boderne. In Boderne you have the right combination of rural beach idyll and the immediate vicinity of a small town.

The small harbour in Boderne

Boderne itself does not have many attractions. There is a small harbour which is used by fishermen and where there is a cosy café. There is also a small souvenir shop. In the small harbour you will see almost exclusively smaller motorboats which are used by the locals for fishing. This harbour is not suitable for sailing yachts. The marina in Rønne a few kilometers to the west serves this purpose.

harbour in Boderne

The surroundings of Boderne

There are grassy hills all around. These protect the beach from strong north winds and thus enable pleasant bathing even in strong winds. The beach is almost free of stones, except for a few boulders near the harbour. A little further east, at the end of the beach in Raghammer Odde, a training ground begins where exercises are occasionally held. Information boards on this beach and on Sømarken beach inform about military exercises. In addition, during the exercises, a red ball floats on a flagpole informing of the exercises taking place. Near Boderne is Bornholm Airport. If you arrive on Bornholm by plane, you can easily walk from the airport to Boderne and enjoy nature. Of course, you can get to your holiday accommodation by taxi or bus.

In Boderne you can enjoy long walks on the beach. Especially in the low season, holidaymakers are almost alone here and can collect mussels. In the town centre, old half-timbered houses and cosy cafés await visitors.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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