Central to the north of Bornholm, between Rønne, Hasle and Gudhjem, is Klemensker, one of the few places on the island without a harbour and away from the tourist centres of the island. The idyllic village of Klemensker with its fishing waters, hunting grounds and varied hiking and cycling routes invites you to a varied, active holiday. The village, which has almost 700 inhabitants, also has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine: from excellent cheese specialities to fresh milk from organic farmers and freshly caught fish from the village's own fishing grounds.

St. Clement's Church

The large St. Clement's Church in the centre of Klemensker can be seen for miles around. It dates from 1882 and replaced its medieval predecessor. Klemensker Kro, the inn in Klemensker, was first mentioned in writing in 1564. A beautiful and popular photographic motif is Simblegårdsvej, which stands at the edge of Klemensker towards Hasle. It is one of the steepest streets in Denmark.

St. Clement's Church

Holidays on a farm

In Klemensker we can also rent holiday flats and holiday homes. Private holiday accommodation is often located in one of the picturesque farms in Klemensker and thus offers the opportunity to experience everyday farm life with the whole family. Whether it's milking the milk, collecting eggs for breakfast or simply helping to look after and feed the farm animals, children, in particular, have many adventures during a farm holiday in Klemensker.

Hunting and fishing holidays

Due to the proximity to the hosts, holidaymakers on the farms also enjoy the opportunity to take part in local game and bird hunting. Depending on the season, the waters around Klemensker are also excellent for fishing. Anglers can obtain a fishing permit for Bornholm from the promotion centre in Rønne. The Dammemose floodplain, which is about one kilometre long and 100 metres wide, has a fish-rich body of water where you can catch pike, perch, tench and eel. Of course, the fishing spots on the shore at Hasle beach are also very popular, where the fish caught can be smoked at the neighbouring Fisk Røgeri.

Speciality: Cheeses

The municipality of Klemensker takes its name from the parish of the same name, the centre of which is St Clement's Church. The traditional dairy in Klemensker, Andelsmejeri St. Clemens, was also dedicated to the patron saint St. Clement. Since 1950, organic milk has been transformed here into various types of organic cheeses, among which "blåskimmel ost", a moulded cheese, is not only known throughout the island for its spicy flavour but also worldwide under the name "Danablu". Tourists can visit the St. Clemens dairy and shop in the shop next door.
Travellers can also sample Bornholm's specialities at the historic Kro, the local tavern. Built-in 1900, the cosy half-timbered inn in the middle of Klemensker invites you to social evenings with friends and family.

blue cheese, known not only throughout the island for its savoury aroma, but also throughout the world under the name

Surrounding area of Klemensker

Around Klemensker, cyclists and hikers will discover a diverse natural landscape characterised by meadows, fields and forest areas. Active holidaymakers pass not only forest lakes and babbling brooks, but also idyllic barbecue sites that invite you to relax. The nearest beach is about 7 kilometres away and extends into the nature reserve "Blykobbe Plantage". Heading north you will reach the picturesque golf course in Rø.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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