The small fishing harbour of Listed is gently located on the island's steep cliff coast. Listed has retained its own maritime charm since it was founded many centuries ago. The cosy village of just under 300 inhabitants joins Bølshavn, an equally small fishing village.
In the Middle Ages, Listed's good location on the north coast of Bornholm was the reason for the settlement of the area. On this coastal strip, whose bedrock consists of granite, there were good opportunities for mooring boats, due to the numerous furrows in the granite. This gave farmers in the area the opportunity to fish, and thus increase their livelihood.  The first written reference from the 14th century mentions the building of fishing huts on the orders of the Bishopric of Lund. At this time there was a lot of herring around Bornholm. Herring catching and smoking brought a fair income to many Bornholmians. Even today you can see the former smokehouse chimneys in several places in the village.

The colourful half-timbered houses, some with thatched roofs, are located directly on the coastal road from Svaneke to Gudhjem and are well-preserved thanks to the commitment of the inhabitants. In addition, there is a handicraft shop, restaurants and the shop of a goldsmith and watchmaker already well-known outside Denmark.  The Listed Centre is a harbour that was extended and modernised in 1982 and now offers space for fishing boats and small yachts as well as larger sailboats without any problems.

Rest in Listed


Listed is not one of the tourist resorts on Bornholm. The village still has the peace and tranquillity of bygone eras - one reason why the fishing village is also a valuable tip for many Bornholm enthusiasts. However, the place offers enough accommodation.  In recent years, this quiet village has become one of the most fashionable sailing areas not only on Bornholm but in the whole Baltic Sea region. The reason for this is the very regular westerly winds, which provide almost optimal sailing weather. From the marina, you can also watch sailing competitions perfectly.

Sebastian Frost - Bornholm watches and jewellery


The jeweller Sebastian Frost from Bremen moved to Bornholm in 1999. He opened his jewellery workshop here in the port of Listed. Frost was able to quickly build a large fan base with his jewellery creations His first own watch collection appeared in 2009.  His past as a jeweller played a major role in this. Today, the Sebastian Frost brand enjoys an international reputation. His clients have included the Queen of Denmark.

Tour objectives


In Listed there are several small holiday homes in the typical Bornholm style. If you want to experience the original Bornholm and enjoy peace and nature, Listed is the right place.  Lovers of camping will also find a well-equipped campsite at Møllebakken Familiecamping between Listed and Svaneke.
A walk along the rocky coastline is highly recommended. Not far to the south, at the entrance to Svaneke, stands Bechs Mølle, a restored brown mill goat mill. The centre of Svaneke with its harbour and a little further south the Svaneke Fyr lighthouse, are some of the most charming places on Bornholm.  Just a stone's throw from Listed is the amusement park Brændesgårdshaven (formerly Joboland), a small amusement park with a zoo and water park. A great place for families with children.


tovbanen on Bornholm
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