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The small fishing village of Melsted is situated in the northeast of the Danish island of Bornholm, just a few kilometres from Gudhjem. Half-timbered houses, some with thatched roofs, and small, winding streets characterise this Bornholm town. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and in peaceful surroundings, it presents itself as a holiday destination for relaxation seekers, nature lovers and families with children.

The most famous attraction of the Danish village is the Melstedgård agricultural museum, which is housed in a listed farmhouse. But also the small harbour and the sandy beach are good reasons to visit Melsted.

Melstedgård Agriculture Museum

The exhibition in the old farmhouse provides interesting information about the agricultural life of the region in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The mill, historic house, farming tools and farm-dwelling animals such as chickens, cows, horses and dogs are all part of the museum.

Melstedgård hosts various events where visitors can learn more about the work on the farm and watch, for example, haying, flour milling, spinning and butter making. Sometimes visitors to the museum can try out the farm work themselves. Such hands-on activities and the offered rides in a vintage horse-drawn carriage are particularly popular with young visitors.
To the north-west of the courtyard, across the street, on a small hill, stands the historic post mill.

Melstedgård Agriculture Museum


Melsted's harbour was built in the late 19th century. The exposed location between two archipelagos gives the harbour natural protection. Not only do small fishing boats come into the harbour, which is still a reminder of the lively tradition of the fishing village, but also the boats of sailors visiting Bornholm.

Harbour on Melsted


The beach of Melsted, stretching close to the harbour, is a small sandy beach with small dunes and a bathing jetty. But that's not the only reason why the beach is a real paradise for families with children. The small Melsted Å stream at the edge of the sandy beach flows directly into the sea and offers great fun for the little ones. Lounging on the beach, sailing and hiking in the beautiful Bornholm countryside are, of course, not the only things you can do while you are in Melsted.

Baltic Sea Glass

Just south of Melsted, on a former poultry farm on the road from Svaneke to Gudhjem, is one of the best glass blowing workshops on Bornholm - Baltic Sea Glass. Some of Bornholm's best glass artists transform sand there into dazzling glass works of art. In the Baltic Sea Glass shop you will find glasses, vases and bowls in the most beautiful colours and shapes.

The surroundings of Melsted

There are also several attractions near Melsted, such as the nearby town of Gudhjem. The clifftop town with its distinctive red roofs and southern flair has several historical sites, a busy harbour and a smokehouse.

Those who like to be out in nature can take a hike through the Kobbeå valley near Melsted. It starts at the mouth of a small stream and leads through a wild and romantic valley, over rocks and bridges to the 3-metre high Stavehøl waterfall.

Stavehøl waterfall Bornholm

tovbanen on Bornholm
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