Østermarie is located on the east of the island of Bornholm, between Østerlars and Svaneke. Østermarie, romantically situated in the fields near the coast, has less than 500 inhabitants and is particularly popular with tourists looking for a holiday. Especially worth seeing are the many small houses. At the entrance to the village stands the impressive Østermarie church building. In its shadow, you can visit the ruins of the first church in Østermarie.

Østermarie church and chapel

Østermarie church is a fairly new church building. It dates from the late 19th century and replaced the old Gamle Kirke. The massive building in neo-Romanesque style was made of surrounding granite, the so-called paradise granite. The remains of Gamle Kirke can be seen in the cemetery. The ruin, which is a monument mainly due to its unusual roof construction, also hides a few surprises. The church was built on a square plan in the 12th century.

Østermarie church and chapel

Fresh produce from the region

The region around Østermarie is characterised by agriculture. Many of the agricultural products produced there can be bought directly from the producer. Such a shop with sausages, meat and other items can be found at the Hallegård agricultural slaughterhouse.

Fru Petersen's Cafe

Fru Petersens Cafe on the edge of Østermarie is a nice place for a short trip. The beautifully restored half-timbered courtyard on Almindingenvej, decorated in white and blue, is hard to miss. The former church school from 1908 houses a beautifully decorated café, which has been welcoming visitors in an atmospheric atmosphere since 1997. Visitors find themselves among antique furniture, old photos and paintings as if they were at grandma's house. The cake buffet is second to none on Bornholm. All cakes and pastries are baked on the premises according to old recipes.

Nearby attractions

History and archaeology lovers will find several sights in the region around Østermarie. Luisenlund, for example, has the largest collection of runestones on Bornholm. You can admire around 50 of these elongated stones, which are up to 2.50 metres in size and probably date from the Bronze or Iron Age. Originally there must have been many more. The place got its name in the mid-19th century when Frederick VII bought the land and named it after his wife, Countess Louise Danner.
From Østermarie there are many possibilities for day trips. Nearby is the Medieval Centre of Bornholm, where you can experience life in the 12th century in an entertaining way. Technology and car enthusiasts will enjoy the Motor Museum in Aakirkeby.

Active in and around Østermarie

For anglers, the peaceful Østermarie area is ideal for fishing, thanks to the abundance of fish in the surrounding small rivers and lakes, as well as in the Baltic Sea, which is only a few kilometres away. In addition, the region has an extensive network of cycling and hiking trails, which are very popular with both locals and numerous tourists. There are a total of 250 well-marked kilometres of cycle paths in the area.
Southwest of Østermarie is Almindingen, the largest contiguous forest area on Bornholm. From Rytterknaegten, the highest point on Bornholm with a popular lookout tower, you have a beautiful view of the whole region. On the southern edge of the fairytale forest is the largest rift valley Ekkodalen.

The largest rift valley Ekkodalen

tovbanen on Bornholm
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