Olsker is located in the north of Bornholm, south of Allinge, Sandvig and north of Klemensker. Olsker has approximately 1500 inhabitants. Olsker is famous for one of the four-round churches on Bornholm. The municipality of Olsker comprises the village and the surrounding farms.

Olsker Round Church

Olsker Round Church was built in 1150 and is one of Bornholm's four famous round churches. This church, which was named "Sankt Ols-Kirke" after King Olaf, is the smallest of the round churches on Bornholm, but the tallest.
Olaf Round Church stands on a hill about 110 m high, and its 26 m height is a bit like a castle. In the Middle Ages it was used as a fortified church, where the villagers could lock themselves in in case of danger, and through the nine gaps that remain today - also defend themselves! The bell tower of the church stands nearby and is not very impressive compared to the church building. Inside the church, there is a modern altar from 1950.

Rotunda church in Olsker

Excursion destinations near Olsker

Near Allinge-Sandvig we come across the famous Bronze Age rock carvings - Madsebakke. These images, carved on large granite surfaces, are among the most interesting excursion destinations in the Olsker area. They show, among other things, ships and wheels.
From Olsker you can quickly reach one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on Bornholm - the bathing beach in Sandvig bay.

Visitors to Olsker should also not miss the ruins of the medieval Hammershus Castle. The castle was built in the 13th century and extended in the 16th century. Although the castle has not been inhabited since 1743 and has fallen into ruins, a large part of it remains today. The high walls surrounding the defence tower are very impressive.

In the nearby village of Allinge, the old half-timbered houses are worth seeing and make for beautiful photographic motifs, as does the Allinge church, which is not round but instead covered in yellow plaster, offering an idyllic view.

Allinge church

tovbanen on Bornholm
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