Rø is situated near the steep cliffs of Helligdommen on the north coast of Bornholm. With almost 200 inhabitants, Rø is part of the coastal municipality of Gudhjem. In the immediate vicinity of Rø are not only the wonderful green areas of the Rø Golf Club but also the Bornholm Art Museum and the breathtaking rock formations of Helligdomsklipperne.

With the opening of the railway line to Allinge and Sandvig in 1913, Rø experienced a revival and various shops were opened, but after the removal of the connection in 1953, Rø is again a small sleepy municipality without its own infrastructure.

The church in Rø

The Rø Church was built in 1888 and replaced a previous church from the 12th century. Inside, remnants of the old church walls can still be seen in several places in the wall. The church building resembles the churches in Vestermarie and Klemensker.

The church in Rø

Stenby Mølle - windmill in Rø

The Stenby mill is thought to be the oldest Dutch windmill on Bornholm. Unfortunately not much remains of the Rø windmill, which is located next to the golf course. The mill is currently waiting for restoration work to be completed, after many attempts at restoration.

Rø Golf Club

In Rø we can spend a relaxing day on the picturesque golf course, which offers a suitable practice area for all skill levels. It is equipped with a driving range, green fees, two 18-hole courses, and one 3-hole course. After playing on the golf course you can enjoy a meal at the nearby restaurant "Stenby Mølle".

Rø Plantation

The 600-hectare Rø Plantage forest area is only about 150 years old, once a heathland, it was reforested in the mid-19th century. Today it attracts many tourists for idyllic walks and picnics and invites you to observe the many wild animals in the vast area of rocky forest.

Rø Plantation

The surroundings of Rø

The area around Rø is very hilly and offers a variety of cycling and hiking opportunities thanks to the extensive forest and meadow landscapes of Rø Plantation, in which numerous ponds and lakes are hidden. In particular, along the now disused railway line from Gudhjem via Rø to Klemensker and Nyker, there is a scenic cycle path with idyllic barbecue and resting places. The cycle path from Rø to Nyker is 13 kilometers long and the round church in Nyker is a gem of architecture and history. The hike to Olsker, 7 kilometers away, also takes active holidaymakers to one of the four-round churches on Bornholm.

Helligdomsklipperne and the art museum

Rø offers excellent hiking opportunities, primarily due to its location on Helligdomsklipperne. One of the most impressive rock formations in all of Scandinavia, the amazingly shaped cliffs stretch along the northeast coast of Bornholm and invite you to hike a panoramic path along the coast.

On the way to the cliffs, tourists pass the ultra-modern art museum built on the cliffs, which not only displays exhibitions of contemporary island art, but also a cozy café with a panoramic view of the cliffs.

The ultra-modern Kunst Museum of Art

Holidaymakers can also enjoy the magnificent view of the majestic cliffs on a boat trip that leaves from Gudhjem harbor. There is also a ferry from the harbor to the island fortress of Christiansø, which is about 18 kilometers northeast of Bornholm. Known for its fortress built in the 17th century, Christiansø today fascinates above all with its historic townscape, which is shaped by historic barracks buildings, as well as fortified town walls, humpbacked cobbled streets, and round watchtowers.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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