Snogebæk is a small tourist village between Nexø and Dueodde on the southeast coast of Bornholm. The village is situated on one of Bornholm's most beautiful beaches.
Snogebæk has remained a small fishing village and offers its visitors the typical Bornholm maritime style. This is mainly due to the impressive small harbor, which can only be reached by a long bridge across the Baltic Sea and right next to the smokehouse.

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Snogebæk harbour

Fishing right after tourism is still very important to the village. In the small harbour there are fishing boats, but also charter boats which can be used for trolling in the Baltic Sea. Experienced skippers know where to catch the biggest salmon. The long bridge connecting the harbour with the island is a real attraction. Something similar can only be seen in Arnager on the south coast of Bornholm. The impressive bridge construction also invites you to take a stroll in the slowly setting sun. You'll never feel the tourists in Snogebæk, even in high season. Although there are several holiday homes in the village and the adjacent beach forest, it is rare to see other holidaymakers.

Snogebæk harbour

Snogebæk Smokehouse

Snogebæk Smokehouse is located right on the idyllic harbour. There you can buy freshly smoked fish or enjoy it at tables outside. In addition to several shops and takeaways, Snogebæk also has some very good restaurants.
Snogebæk's supermarket is particularly interesting for holidaymakers. In the small Dagli Brugsen we have everything we need for everyday life - from butter to firewood.
Families will love the mini-golf course in the center of Snogebæk. Friends of the "big" sport of golf only need a three-minute drive to reach one of the most beautiful golf courses on Bornholm. The greens of Nexø Golf Club are just a few minutes drive away in Dueodde.
Many holiday homes in Snogebæk have direct sea views.

Snogebæk Smokehouse

Snogebæk Harbour Festival

A special attraction in Snogebæk is the harbour festival, which takes place every year in July. The people of Snogebæk organize themselves and work independently and free of charge to give everyone a unique experience. Stalls are organized between the fishermen's huts in the harbour and regional delicacies are sold on a wide variety of stalls. The program includes a fish pond, ball throwing, darts, shooting range, raffle, wheel of fortune, children's games, bouncy castle, music and entertainment. You can buy: "Krak-sild", "Æbleskiver", pizza, pita bread, fish fillets, chips, sausages and ice cream. The confectionery serves coffee, tea and cakes. The grill serves beef fillet and roast pork skewers.

In the area

Bornholmer Tårnet, Dueodde

The white and highly visible Bornholm Tårnet is the highest tower on Bornholm. From a height of over 70 meters, you have a fantastic view of southern Bornholm and the Baltic Sea. Thanks to the extensive exhibition in the building below the tower, a visit to the tower is an experience for the whole family.
To the south of Bornholm, is Dueodde, which is characterized by long and wide sandy beaches. From afar you can see another tower, the distinctive white lighthouse, which until 2012 listened to the Danish armed forces and NATO. This restricted military area and Cold War relic have been open to the public since July 2015.

Dueodde lighthouse

Lookout tower

On foot (405 steps) or by lift, you can reach the tower's observation deck at a height of 70 meters. From there you have a fantastic view of the south and east of Bornholm. The journey up in the huge freight lift is an extraordinary experience. There, as well as views of the fields of southern Bornholm, the pine forest, the dunes and beaches of Dueodde and the Baltic Sea, you can also expect to see a huge Danish flag fluttering in the wind above the tower and indicating whether the tower is open.


The exhibition at the foot of the tower has exhibits from the First and Second World Wars, with particular reference to Bornholm, as well as the Cold War and Bornholm's role as a listening post for NATO in the Baltic Sea. There is also a lot of material on "Bornholmer Tårnet", NATO's easternmost listening post. From this tower, people listened widely into the territory of the Warsaw Pact countries. This was also the reason why Bornholm was given high priority in various Soviet attack scenarios. We get a plan of the rooms and buildings and their previous use. Children become agents while solving tasks written in a questionnaire. Anyone who correctly solves all the questions will be published on the Bornholmer Tårnet Facebook page as a trained agent.


In the small café you can buy coffee, tea and cake. Ice cream and sweets are also offered.

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