Tejn, is a former small fishing village on the north coast of the Danish island of Bornholm, which is now a fishing centre. It is here, after Rønne and Nexø, that the third largest fishing harbour on the island is located, including a fish factory, icehouse and shipyard. The harbour surroundings tell of a time when fishing was of great importance to the town and the island. With its proximity to good fishing grounds in the Baltic Sea and good fishing infrastructure, Tejn is a special attraction for fishing tourists. Especially the Trolling Master Bornholm, which takes place every spring, attracts thousands of anglers to Tejn.

A fishing village on northern Bornholm

Even today, fishermen take their boats out to the Baltic Sea every morning to fish. However, tourism has now replaced fishing as the main source of income. The town of Tejn forms a unity with the neighbouring town of Sandkås, which is slightly further north. The development of tourism in the early 20th century enabled the two towns to develop together. The image of the place is characterised by a white church and small, charming buildings. The centre of Tejn is still a harbour with moorings for fishing boats, sailing and motor yachts.

Tejn harbour and fishing

Tejn harbour and fishing

Tejn was once a minor place on the island. While places like Rønne and Gudhjem experienced a boom in the Middle Ages, in the region around Tejn it lasted until the 19th century. At that time, the place had no real harbour, only a temporary harbour where fishermen struggled to land their daily catch. In the middle of the 19th century, the construction of a harbour basin began on the site of today's eastern harbour. In the following years, it was expanded several times with additional basins until it became the third largest harbour on the island. A fish factory, an icehouse and cold store were added to the harbour basins, as well as a shipyard with a huge crane.

Over the years, Tejn has become the maritime centre on Bornholm. The town was also a leader in the introduction of deck and semi-deck boats to Bornholm in the early 20th century. Apart from fishermen from Bornholm, today mainly non-local boats load fish in Tejn. The marina is located at the eastern end, easily recognisable by the large commemorative anchor. A barbecue area with several tables and benches has been set up in the harbour.

Church in Tejn

Tejn centre

The historic centre of Tejn is limited to a few old fishermen's houses on Havnebakken, Møllebakken and Ålekildestræde streets by the old harbour. In recent years, more and more new houses have been added here. Above the village stands the Tejn Kirke. The local church is not very old either, when people had to go to Olsker for services, they started building their own church in the late 1930s. Since then, the austere white building towers over the small town and calls for Sunday services. The last remaining smokehouse in Tejn is located on Møllestræde. At the beginning of the 20th century there were still 16!

Tejn - an angler's paradise

Tejn hosts the largest trolling competition on the island - 'Trolling Bornholm' - every April, attracting anglers from all over the world. The event is the highlight of the annual calendar and lasts for several days. Up to 300 boats take part in the competition for the largest salmon in the Baltic. During this period, Tejn is a particularly interesting holiday destination for fishing holidaymakers.

You can also rent holiday homes in Tejn and Sandkås, located directly north of the beautiful beaches that have made the fishing settlement the centre of tourism on Bornholm.

The smithy in Tejn

The former blacksmith's workshop in Tejn harbour is now the site of a lively market, bar and café life, handicrafts, street food and music events.

What can you experience in Smedjen?
The Smithy is characterised by a pleasant, informal atmosphere.
The old halls that housed Tejn Smedeforretning between 1943 and 2021 now provide a raw, industrial setting for markets with local handicrafts, cultural events, street food, live music and the cosy 'Bisseline Bar'. Every day, excellent coffee, good beer and wine, a variety of products from local producers, snacks, café food and more are served here - no matter what other event is taking place in Smedjen.
Also on the register is local textile artist Iben Birch Bech, who has a workshop and shop in the old administration building.

The Forge was founded in January 2022 by two local Bornholmians, Tue Seifert Boeskov and Jakob Broberg Lind, who want to contribute to the exciting development of Bornholm's northern port of Tejn through a daily café life, markets and various cultural events.

tovbanen on Bornholm
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