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Experience the night sky on Bornholm

Why is Bornholm ideal for observing and photographing the night sky?

Bornholm is situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea and is sparsely populated, so there is little so-called 'light field'. Of course, the best time to observe the stars is in the autumn and winter, when the days are shorter and Bornholm is visited by fewer tourists and there is even less light, so the sky is even more visible. The weather offers us a changeable aura, but at night you can still experience starlight, peace and quiet. In addition to photographs of the Milky Way with beautiful Bornholm motifs, you can also catch something special: the aurora borealis show.

star map of Bornholm

Bornholm is famous for its beautiful, often dramatic landscapes. But the most popular place for night photography is, of course, the ruins of Hammershus Castle, where you can walk quite safely at night thanks to the wide paths. And the night sky above the medieval castle ruins is a unique sight.

The night sky over the ruins of Hammershus Castle

Another place to visit is Lake Opalso, which is located near the ruins of Hammershus Castle. There is a large car park near the lake and Lake Hammerso, where if we are lucky with the weather, we can see the stars reflected in the lake when it is completely windless. Also, the nearby high cliffs guarantee us lots of interesting shots.

Stars on the Opalso lake

Another popular spot is Bokul Hill in Gudhjem, from where we have a wonderful view of the town, Christianso Island and the winding road often immortalised in photographs and graphics. At the top of the hill is a bench from where we can enjoy the magnificent views combined with the starry sky. Both in autumn and winter, the Milky Way is exactly above the beautiful curved road. In October we can see the Orionid meteor shower, and those with a telescope or large camera can see the Andromeda galaxy.

The night sky above the ruins of Hammershus Castle

From the beginning of May to the beginning of August it is more difficult to see the stars, but then we can enjoy a bright summer night. You can get a very special view of the dark sky from Kongemindetårnet in Almindingen forest or on southern Bornholm, which are among the darkest places on the island.

The night sky above the ruins of Hammershus Castle

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Jeżeli wybieramy się na Bornholm w poszukiwaniu kulinarnych przysmaków, to dobrze trafiliśmy. Oczywistą rzeczą do zrobienia jest znalezienie tego, co lubimy najbardziej - a jest z czego wybierać.

Wędzarnie na Bornholmie odzwierciedlają tradycję i duszę tej duńskiej wyspy. Ich kominy widać niemal w każdym miejscu i są nieodłącznym elementem wizerunku wyspy.

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