I am a photographer from Bornholm, residing in Gudhjem.

I moved to Bornholm 4 years ago from Copenhagen. I almost always have my camera with me when I move around the cliffs or walk in the Bornholm forests and plantations.

I am enamored with the Bornholm nature, which provides me with much inspiration and great natural experiences. Especially the varied coastline from the cliffs in the north to the wide sandy beach at Dueodde, spiced up with the wild forests and plantations on Bornholm, makes photographing the landscape on Bornholm extremely interesting.

I am particularly looking for the interplay of the sea and lakes with the landscape, but also the colors and geometry of the forests and fields. I go out early in the morning to photograph in the light of sunrise and capture the fantastic colors it gives to the surrounding landscape.

I also photograph at sunset, during the blue hour, where it's possible to frame some of the beautiful colors in the sky and work with high contrast and silhouettes.

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