Description and stages of the Rønne - Allinge route

The Rønne-Allinge bike route on Bornholm Island is a real gem for nature, history, and culture enthusiasts. Starting at the port in Rønne, travelers have the opportunity to see three branches of the Bornholm Museum, including Erichsens Gård, Hjorths Stentøj, and BornholmsMuseum, which allows them to learn about the island's history and culture.

The route then leads through Kultippen, where there is a trace of a former coal mine, which gives this place a unique character. There is also a beach near Kultippen, where tides cause very high waves - an ideal place for adrenaline lovers.

The next stage is the charming town of Hasle, where it is worth stopping to admire the port and smokehouse, where you can try local smoked fish. The route then leads along the coast through picturesque towns Helligpeder and Teglkås, all the way to Vang, where there is an old water mill called Vandmølle.

Upon reaching Jons Kapel, travelers can admire an impressive 20-meter high rock, which according to legend was the place where the monk Jon converted unbelieving Bornholmers. The route then leads to the nature reserve of Slotslyngen, where colorful heather grows among the rocky landscapes, making this area particularly picturesque.

The most important point of the route is the ruins of Hammershus Castle - the largest and most important fortification in Denmark before the development of artillery. After visiting this historical building, travelers can visit two beautiful lakes on Bornholm - Hammersø and Opalsø.

The route ends in the charming town of Allinge, where you can relax, try local cuisine, and admire beautiful views of the sea and coast. In total, the Rønne-Allinge bike route is a wonderful experience that allows you to discover the beauty and rich history of Bornholm Island.

Road surface:

Unpaved: 12.3 km | Compacted gravel: 131 m | Cobblestone: 194 m | Concrete: 3.55 km | Asphalt: 11.6 km | Unknown: 186 m

Points on the route:

Port of Rønne | Kultippen | Smokehouse in Hasle | Port of Hasle | Port of Helligpeder | Port of Teglkås | Watermill | Chapel of Jona - Jons Kapel | Slotslyngen | Hammershus | Lakes Hammersø and Opalsø | Allinge

tovbanen on Bornholm
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