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route length

27,8 km

total entries

160 m

sum of runs

150 m

time of travel

2 h 07 min

Route description Rønne - Allinge

The route begins in the port of the capital of Bornholm Rønne. Being here is worth stopping and visiting: the market square, three branches of the Bornholm Museum - Erichsens Gård, Hjorths Stentøj and BornholmsMuseum.

The next stage is Kullatippan - these are heaps of clay and sand that were exported here from a former coal mine. No plants grow here because of the high sulfur content in the soil. At Kullatippan there is a beach with high tides cyclically causing very high waves.

Further north, we reach the town of Hasle, it is worth stopping here because of the picturesque harbor and smokehouse. Behind Hasle the most beautiful section of this route begins, which leads right over the sea to the tiny towns of Helligpeder and Teglkås.

Then the trail leads towards Vang, where you can see the Jons Kapel, it is a 20 meter high rock from which, according to legend, the monk Jon tried to convert the infidels of Bornholm to Christianity. Further on is old water mill (Vandmølle).

Following the route we go to the nature reserve - Slotslyngen, where heathers grow in the rocky terrain, which form colorful rugs.

The next stage is one of the most interesting places on Bornholm - the ruins of Hammershus Castle.

Then we reach the two famous lakes on Bornholm - Hammersø and Opalsø. We end the route in the town of Allinge, known mainly for its attractive location, which, together with its sister Sandvig, forms one of the island's most important tourist centers.


Unpaved: 12,3 km | Compacted Gravel: 131 m | Cobblestones: 194 m | Paved: 3,55 km | Asphalt: 11,6 km | Unknown: 186 m

Waypoints on the route:

Harbour in Rønne | Kullatippan | Smokehouse in Hasle | Harbour in Hasle | Harbour in Helligpeder | Harbour in Teglkås | Vandmølle | Jons Kapel | Slotslyngen | Hammershus | Lakes Hammersø and Opalsø | Allinge |

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