Cuisine and flavors


Cuisine and flavors

Visiting Bornholm we can dine in many restaurants, cafes and bars offering local delicacies.

The most famous and popular dish is freshly smoked Baltic herring, available in smokehouses scattered throughout the island, whose characteristic white chimneys are part of the Bornholm landscape.

In the town of Hasle there is a Smokehouse Museum next door to working at full speed in the smokehouse.

over Gudhjem

Worth recommending and also the most popular island dish is the so-called Sun over Gudhjem (Sol over Gudhjem) is freshly smoked herring, served as per custom on a piece of paper, with raw yolks, radishes and chives.

It tastes great with local, cool beer from the only Bornholm brewery in Svaneke or with strong local tincture Bornholmer Bitter.

Sun over Gudhjem
Bornholm’s Treats


Another typical Bornholm dish is the so-called saltsild - herring salted on tap, soaked and fried in breadcrumbs, served with mustard and beetroot in vinegar.

Other Bornholm’s delicacies include Baltic salmon and herring marinated in many ways. Equally valued culinary specialties on Bornholm also include blue cheese from the dairy in Klemensker (this chees won a gold medal at the world cheese exhibition in Tokyo in 1998), bakes baked from rye flour with sweet-cumin flavor (rugkiks) in a small bakery in Aakirkeby and hand-made sweets at the Svaneke factory, where we can observe their entire production cycle.

Bornholm’s dishes

Restaurants bearing the sign "Regional madkultur Bornholm" are certainly the facilities that serve local Bornholm’s dishes.

Former Bornholm’s dishes can also be tasted at Erichsens Gård - a museum in a burgher house and garden of the Erichsen family in Rønne on Laksegade 7, where are daily shows and degustations of old Bornholm’s dishes, as well as bread and preserves, prepared on the spot using old methods.

Bornholm’s dishes
Cuisine and flavors

Regionale Bornholm-Produkte

Hard candy - On the market in Svaneke, in a traditional merchant's house over 200 years old, operates the most famous candy factory - Svaneke Bolcher.

Chocolate - in Snogebek it is worth visiting the famous KJAERSTRUP chocolate factory, operating since 1999, to try handmade stuffed pralines and creamy chocolate-covered marshmallows.

Caramels - in the center of Gudhjem, in the building of the Jantzens Hotel since 1879, there is the first caramel factory in Denmark.

Wine - in the Pedersker area there is a vineyard producing grape and fruit wine, and also whiskey since 2005, and having 2.9 ha of vineyards is one of Denmark's largest vineyards.

Beer - visiting the most famous brewery in Svaneke we will see how in a 1000 liter vat water, hops and malt are transformed into tasty beer. In 2000, after a 45-year break, the Svaneke brewery resumed its production. Today, many types of beer are produced in the brewery.

Akvavit - in Nexø, near the port, there is Bornholmske Spritfabrik. where exquisite Bornholm’s akvavit vodka has been produced since 1994. It is made in several varieties - bitter, herbal and traditional Bornholm’s honey "honningsyp" or vodka with liquid honey.

Ice cream - In Svaneke you will find tasty ice cream with different flavors, including fruit with licorice root and the taste of beer and the famous Bornholm Danablu cheese. They arise only from organic products, without artificial flavor additives.

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